7 Credit Card Debt Mistakes To Avoid

Diluent Shortage on the Horizon

Technology is making it possible to access oil that was previously thought to be inaccessible. This is dramatically increasing the oil production of Alberta.

Canadian Economy to Be Led by Alberta

In 2012, Alberta’s economy led the economic growth of the country at 3.9%. In 2013, Alberta’s economy is expected to lead the country once again albeit second to Newfoundland & Labrador according to a report released by RBC Economics Research. According to ATB Financial’s senior economist, Todd Hirsch, the growth of Saskatchewan’s economy may surpass Alberta this year. “It is difficult to say as Alberta was losing some of its workers to Saskatchewan for the past several years, however the situation seems to have inversed with Saskatchewan losing oil sand workers to Alberta. The push-and-pull between these two Prairie sisters has seen some dramatic movements of people over the decades,” Hirsch said.

The Looming American Tragedy!

A study released recently by the Pew Charitable Trust looked at the dismal shape of retirement planning for Generation X’ers. Sometimes called the “slacker generation”, the Gen X’ers who were born just after the baby boom are beginning to see that they are not even close to prepared to provide a comfortable retirement for themselves. This lack of funding will add to the United States’ looming debts and deficits in the years to come as this generation begins to drawn upon federal resources for their very survival when their productive years have passed.

Overview of International Money Transfer

Everything has its set of pros and cons. Nowadays the use of international money transfers has become much more common because of the advances in information technology. You can now easily make payments within minutes. The advances in technology and communications have made it possible for business transactions to take place over thousands of miles.

Fixing the Obama’s Finances

Financial Planning Magazine recently ran an article titled Fixing the Obamas’ Finances by Allan S. Roth. The article is based on an analysis of the first couple’s 2012 tax returns and their 2011 financial disclosure report.

How the Financial Landscape of Pet Pharmaceuticals Has Been Changed by the Internet

The late 1980’s and early 90’s brought about the birth of the consumer internet. Still written off by many companies as a novel invention, a secondary market, the internet was not a major concern. Since the mid 1990’s, with more and more people becoming connected to the internet, the potential for companies to reach consumers right in their homes began to be realized. Since then the internet has brought about a great change in the way business is conducted. Companies began allocating resources to internet development initiatives. The World Wide Web brought companies and investors together into a rapidly evolving market.

Binary Options Trading Platforms Compared – TradeRush VS iOption

Comparing binary options trading platforms is important as this gives binary options traders an idea about the features and the limitations of each broker’s trading platform. Today I compare the online trading platforms of two distinct binary options traders – iOption and TradeRush. I hope it will help you in making the right decision.

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