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Save Time With These Payroll Products

Payroll is one of those aspects of business that many are reluctant to change, but it’s worth evaluating from time to time and this is a good time of year to do it. If you decide to make a change, you have time to be up and running with your new payroll system by the first of the year (or sooner if you want).

Turn Your Vacation Property Into An Investment Property For More Income and Tax Breaks

If you’ve been using your vacation home just for your own enjoyment, you’re tax breaks on mortgage, taxes, and expenses you pay on it are limited. Turning it into an investment property can not only bring in some extra income but increase your tax breaks for holding it -and still allow you to enjoy it.

4 Benefits of a Wealth Manager

What are the benefits to hiring a wealth manager. I’ve highlighted 4 below.

The Role of Financial Advisor Recruiters in Today’s High-Demand Environment

Seasoned financial advisors are harder to come by these days. The competition among banks, brokerage firms and wirehouses to fill finance jobs with the cream of the crop is getting tighter. This is where the expertise of financial advisor recruiters becomes crucial. Typically, the human resource departments of financial firms would have the sufficient capabilities to fill up these executive positions, but this is an extraordinary time that requires extraordinary measures.

Gold Is A Very Valuable Precious Metal

Every day, the price of gold is listed on the different stock exchanges, and the price of gold is going to determine a lot including what certain jewellery sellers will set their gold prices at for the day. If the price of gold goes up, then those jewellery sellers that have large amounts of gold are going to be holding onto a fortune.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Step by step process of refinancing your home. Understanding what it takes to get a new loan in today’s mortgage market. If you have not obtained a mortgage in the last four years than this is a must read. The mortgage crisis of 2008 has changed the rules on obtaining financing for your home. By reading this article you will be on your way to getting your share of obtaining a new mortgage at the lowest interest rates the United States has seen in 50 years.

Do I Need a Financial Planner?

Many people aren’t sure whether or not they need a financial planner. This article helps readers understand if they can go it alone or need professional assistance.

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