Crypto Investing #147 – The Questions HOW MUCH Can I Make & WHEN Can Not Be Answered By Any Trader

The Main Advantages of Women Financial Advisors

During a forum back in 2010, then president of Citi Personal Banking and Wealth Management said that America would never have experienced the 2008 financial crisis if it was the Lehman Sisters and not the Lehman Brothers. That being said, the financial services industry is still undoubtedly a man’s world. Based on a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 31% of financial advisors in the US are women, which means almost 8 out of 10 financial brokers and consultants are men. This is contraindicative to the recent findings of a research done by Pershing, a financial consultancy firm under the BNY Mellon group, which revealed a projected rise in demand for women financial advisors. From the standpoint of financial advisor recruiters, this is a simple economic situation – high demand and low supply equals a lot of opportunities. If you’re a woman in the financial industry, this is a great time to look for better jobs and greener pastures. In doing so, it pays to know what your main advantages are over your male counterparts. This would allow you to strongly position yourself during job interviews. So, what exactly are your key advantages as a female financial advisor?

Uses Of Merchant Account For Online Trading

A Merchant Account is very much essential for a merchant who receives the payment through payment cards. It is useful for both online trading and for face to face transactions.

8 Great Reasons to Buy American in 2014

Let’s get 2014 started off on the right foot America! The New Year really is a time to start fresh and think about the changes you want to make; big or small. Or for some of us, it might be a time to get back to the ideas for change we had last January but just quite didn’t get to in 2013.

Importance of Financial Benchmarking

Many business owners employ the strategy of benchmarking to assess the health of their company. Benchmarks provide a frame of reference by which they can gauge financial success and measure progress against an established goal.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in India

India is poised to become the world’s third largest economy by 2028 if the estimates drawn by a leading UK-based think tank are to be believed. Even as India is recovering from the slowdown caused by the rupee’s fall in 2013, the Centre for Economics and Business Research recently tipped the country to become a robust economic force and overtake even Japan in the next 15 years. If you are planning to grow your business and extend its footprint to promising locations, it is probably the best time to invest in India.

Family Office Executive Search – How to Get a Family Office Job

This article provides advice on how to get a family office job. Richard provides insights from his experience in meeting with over 1,000 family offices face-to-face and through running Family Office Executive Search.

Why Corporate Actions Professionals Are In Demand

If you want to land the ideal financial career job, why not seek out corporate actions jobs? It is a growing highly specialized market that focuses on the decisions and strategies that a publicly-traded organization needs to undergo.

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