Crypto Investing #148 – Why Is It Hard For People To Make A BUY Decision During A Bear Market

Entry Options for Foreign Companies in India

From conducting market research to importing and exporting goods, foreign companies can operate through their offices in India. Depending on the operational requirements, the companies can set up three types of offices in the country. If the aim is to conduct market research, collect information and carry out promotional activities, a company should open a liaison or a representative office.

Weirdest Things Ever Used As Loan Collateral

Many loans are guaranteed by some sort of collateral; because the borrower wants his or her stuff back, it increases the likelihood of repayment. Plus, it means that the lender still has something of value even if the loan is never repaid.

The 10 Best Personal Finance Experts

Over the years, many people have positioned themselves as experts in personal finance. Some of the ones who have taught people the most about taking control of their finances:

10 Things You May Not Know About Credit and Finance Around the World

The way that credit and finances are handled in other countries can be strikingly different from how it’s handled here in the US. Read on for 10 surprising facts about money and credit in other parts of the world: If you go to Europe, your favorite credit card may not work.

Understanding The Concept Of Crowd Funding

Just as the term suggests, crowd funding is basically a way used to raise money by simply asking a multitude of people to each chip in a small amount of money towards a given cause/project such as disaster management, political campaigns, civic projects and Start-up Company funding among others. This type of funding principally employs the use of the internet whereby an individual seeking to obtain funds for a given cause/project sets up a webpage where they put up a profile for their cause and essentially tries to get people (mainly through social media) to contribute towards the said cause/project.

Painless Ways to Save Cash

With the price of everything going up everyone is looking for painless ways to save money. There are many ways that you can save and some of them you won’t even really notice that you are. There are some ways that are really simple and you will wonder why you never thought of them yourself.

What To Look For When Applying For A Banking Internship

There are a lot of companies that offer internship for banking and finance but there are only a few great ones where you will be able to learn and get the most of out of your experience. This is an important learning stage in your life so be sure to land an internship that will really propel you towards great bank jobs in the future.

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