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Financial Prosperity Now

This article deals with the quest to receive and experience financial prosperity today. It looks at principles people who are successful financially follow.

Make Sure Your Medicaid Trust Will Be Allowed

Paying nursing home long term care costs for just a year or two can deplete your savings or cut into you intended legacy for your children. But Medicaid will pick up the cost if you’re poor. Arranging ways to transfer or convert your assets to make you poor enough to qualify for Medicaid has become known as ‘Medicaid Planning’.

Financial Analyst Certification

Navigating the world of education can be tricky, especially in the area of finance. This article exams some of the current options and includes the pros and cons of each.

Wealth Management Guide For Singles Over 65

Financial planning strategies for singles differ from those for couples, globally. Primarily because couples do have a spouse for back support where as singles do not; and in most cases, the senior singles happen to be women.

A Family Limited Liability Company Vs A Family Limited Partnership

A family limited liability company (FLLC) and a family limited partnership (FLP) are legal entities set up to help manage family assets, afford protection from creditors, and help reduce estate and gift taxes for transferring family wealth. Understanding how they benefit you is very important taxwise.

The Far Reaching Implications of the Bitcoin Protocol

Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency, or money for the internet, it is a set of programming protocols that can be applied to any information system. Bitcoin has become something of a fad in the west, used by the technologically savvy as a means of displaying wealth in our increasingly virtual world. In contrast, to those in developing nations, Bitcoin provides an opportunity to participate in a global financial system that was previously inaccessible.

High Levels of Mortgage Debt in the UK

Should UK borrowers be overly concerned about their large mortgage debts? Certainly with interest rates at an all time low the cost of servicing a large mortgage has rarely been cheaper.

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