Crypto Investing #155 – Why Controlling Your Bet Size Is More Important Than Your Technical Analysis

The Truth Behind Finance Astrology Software and Books

There have been numerous debates on the topic of financial astrology and people have always been divided into two sides: those who believe and spend money on specialized finance astrology software and books, on one side, and those who do not trust these visions from the lack of courage and wisdom, on the other side. In order to avoid admitting that there are superior forces unknown by some and that certain persons have successfully and fruitfully harnessed these forces from an economic point of view, many traders simply ignore astrology experts, although some results and facts are getting harder and harder to be ignored. When it comes to searching for reasons that lead people on the path to purchasing books or courses on this topic, there are many aspects to be taken into account.

The Applications of Financial Astrology

The fact that astrology has quantifiable effects on human life has been proven many times and, in the past years, experts have pointed out that the influence of astrology expands not only on a personal level, but also on a professional one. Just like the movements of celestial bodies dominate individuals, they can also influence entire societies and fields such as finance. The practice that is based on this principle is called financial astrology and, like the term suggests, it follows the connection between planets and finance. It became widely known in the first half of the 20th century, when astrologer WD Gann revealed an algorithm that helped him start successful trading actions by basing his decisions on planetary movements.

There’s No Off-Shore Medicare Help Aside From Rare Travel Exceptions

Your Medicare coverage pretty much stops at the U.S. border. There are only a few exceptions to this policy. I’ll cover those with a few more comments.

Understanding SWIFT MT and MX

Whether you send money from one bank to the other or exchange information or trade securities, at some point in this process a SWIFT message will be exchanged. The acronym stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is essentially a protocol for banks to talk to each other. SWIFT MT are the messages that exist since the 70’s and identify the different “sentences” that the banks or other financial institutions will exchange with each other. They are identified by three letters (e.g. MT103, or MT505) each one representing a different message.

Streamlining the Management of Corporate Payments

In today’s global business environment, being up to date with the latest payment systems is essential for productivity and growth. Although a common misconception says that only large enterprises need business-class payment solutions, reality is different: choosing a fast, stable and intuitive automated payment and transfer system is essential from the very beginning. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why companies need computer-based solutions is that the manual handling of payments is very costly and time consuming. The average company needs to deal with multiple payments each month, which means that you will have to create an entire department to conduct intensive manual labor.

Your Cloud Accounting Questions Answered

Cloud accounting is becoming a buzz word in the financial community but some people may still have some questions. In this article we will attempt to answer these questions.

Bogle Says “Follow Ben Franklin”

John C. Bogle – his nickname is Jack – is an investing legend… he founded The Vanguard Group in 1975, created the first ever Index Fund and has grown Vanguard into one of the largest asset managers in the world – Vanguard now manages over $2 trillion, that’s phenomenal!

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