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How To Fund Your Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

The purpose of an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is to keep the death benefit of life insurance on your life out of your estate so as to eliminate the estate taxes that would rob some of those proceeds when you die. It keeps it out of your estate by the trust owning the life insurance policy on your life. If you own the life insurance policy on your life, then the policy’s death benefit will be added to your gross estate when you die, and thereby increasing your estate taxes.

High Net Worth Mortgage Market Is Prospering in the UK

The mainstream mortgage market in the UK has been subjected to a number of crises brought on by the economic slump. But, conversely, the high net worth mortgage market servicing those looking to borrow…

Low Deposit Mortgages Have Higher Interest Rates

Research has revealed that there is a substantial difference in the cost of a mortgage depending on the level of deposit available. For those with a small deposit, the headline rates advertised are probably unachievable.

Outlining a CCAR Strategy Beyond Model Development

As banks are brought into the CCAR fold, and the regulators become more intelligent around Data Governance (DG), most banks are scrambling to establish robust DG programs. But unlike models, the effort required to implement DG programs is many fold larger, more complex, and requires massive organizational collaboration.

Make Sure Staying On Your Job Won’t Undermine Your Pension Benefits

If you’re looking to stay on your job for some extra income after retirement age, make sure that you’re not financially shooting yourself in the foot. Here’s what to be aware of…

Wicks, a Guide on How to Cut Loss and Take Profit

Wicks are an interesting phenomenon in price candles formations and are a part of every candle. Wicks can be formed on the top, bottom or both sides of a candle, and they represent the highs and lows of that candle during that period of time.

Business Bank Account Fees

Financial institutions have to cover costs involved for banking services, and consumers are therefore asked to help pay the costs of various transactions. Fees are only charged when you make use of a particular service or when you failed to meet a commitment.

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