Crypto Investing #158 – Financial Greatness Awaits You, Don’t Quit & Learn To Be A Better Trader

Top Ten E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Many people are looking for payment solutions to withdraw their hard earned money. You need a trusted payment gateway that will help you process payments through your website without any problem. This article will help you find the top ten e-commerce payment processors.

Calculate Retirement Pension Based on How Much You’re Saving Now

As you are no doubt aware, it’s important to provide yourself with a regular income after you retire. Unfortunately many people make huge pension mistakes that cripple them financially, which means they have to continue working well into their sixties and seventies.

Start Saving Now With a Retirement Pension Calculator Online

When it comes to retirement, it is really important to set a plan in motion that will allow you to optimize your income in a manner that increases the return on our investment. With improved health care and medication the average life of individuals in the west has gone up by 16.7 years.

Helpful Tips for Fresh Graduates Starting Out in Debt

The number of recent college graduates starting out in debt is skyrocketing at an alarming rate lately, especially considering the amount of student loan debt incurred. If you are in this age range, you need to break the cycle before it gets out of hand. The article gives some helpful tips you can follow.

There’s More to Loan Application Than Your Credit Score

In addition to your credit score, may lenders ask more questions during the interview or when filling up your credit application. This process is used to determine the "Three C’s of Credit"–Character, Capital and Capacity.

You Can Rollover Your IRA Into A Qualified Annuity

You can rollover your qualified plan into a qualified annuity. This eliminates any taxation on transferring your qualified plan money into a non-qualified annuity. Here’s the scoop…

Does Haggling Work?

Why is it that in many countries around the world haggling over the price of a purchase is perfectly acceptable, but here in the UK it is almost frowned upon, and scorned as rude or inappropriate? Do you haggle?

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