Crypto Investing #162 – 7 Mistakes We Made With Ripple – By Tai Zen

What Is Errors and Omissions Liability?

Errors and Omissions liability is a policy that can be bought as an add-on to general business insurance cover, alternatively it can be bought on its own if required. It is this type of insurance that is usually bought to create protection for a business or a single person from claims or suits which can arise from services that weren’t correctly or fully fulfilled, alternatively it can cover mistakes and failures too. In the US, the commonest forms of these policies are the professional and malpractice insurance covers – this trend is very similar to most countries that do international…

Funding College by Trading Weekly Options

Discover the superb financial benefits of becoming a weekly options trader. Handle your college expenses and make enough money to pay all your education bills on your own.

5 Reasons Why Financial Education Is Important

It’s important that we constantly increase our financial IQ, especially if we want to be financially well-off. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to have financial education.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

As the weather warms up and the school year winds down, many of us will undergo the annual phenomenon we know as “Spring Cleaning.” Typically this refers to the yearly act of cleaning your home from top to bottom, making sure everything is spick and span and ridding your house of unnecessary clutter. But why stop there?

Financial System Inquiry Submissions Focus on Australian Superannuation

Industry Super Australia (ISA), representing Australian Superannuation funds, wanted the government’s financial system inquiry to impose taxes on high-frequency trading (HFT). ISA is the umbrella organisation for the industry superannuation movement, and it manages collective projects on behalf of its members.

ATMS Go Green With Smart Inventions

ATM Technology is fast evolving and the latest being ATM becoming more environment friendly and going green. Read this article to know more.

Simple and Secure Authentication Methods for Consumers

Authentication methods are one of the most important aspect of secured ATM transactions and saving users from thefts and frauds. This article nicely explains few simple and secured authentication methods used while making ATM Transactions.

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