Crypto Investing #163 – Veriblock vs Ignorant Bitcoin Maximalist Retards – By Tai Zen

High Frequency Trading: Sneaking a Peek and Cutting the Line

Latency arbitrage, electronic equity exploitation, and high frequency trading are the financial jargon that has been discussed regularly this past month. People claim that the U.S. stock market is fixed; by high frequency traders, investment banks, and private stock exchanges. But what does it all mean?

Making The Most Of Financing Options For Your First Truck

Buying your first rig can be a very exciting event, but it can also be a bit daunting if you aren’t sure how to maximize the options that you have for financing. Often the issues with financing decrease as you build your business and have more of a proven track record as a business owner. First time owner/operators, especially if they are not able to provide a large down payment on the truck, may find that getting financing is the biggest obstacle that they face.

Credit History Importance

Credit history maintains the record of your credits or debts, non-payment, bankruptcy and other essential finance oriented information to offer you a credit score. It helps a creditor to determine your credit worthiness when you have applied for loan. Get information on the importance of credit history in this article.

Is It Safe To Connect PayPal To Your Business Bank Account?

PayPal experienced online fraud with international hackers who were hacking into accounts and transferring small amounts of money. It is important to keep the security on your computer up to date by installing the latest critical security patches to the operating system.

Businesses Often Lack High Level Security on Business Bank Accounts

Small and medium-sized businesses became the target of sophisticated bank fraud. Business owners often demand more universal access to accounts through Internet services and multiple devices. Private companies should bear the responsibility for defending their networks from criminals and attackers.

Why You Might Refinance Your Mortgage As You Approach Retirement

It’s often wise to pay off your mortgage before starting retirement. But if you can’t pay it off, here are some considerations for refinancing it.

Paying Down Your Mortgage For Retirement

Paying off your mortgage at retirement gives you the peace of mind that your house is all yours and lowers your expenses for your lower retirement income. Here’s more of what this means…

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