Crypto Investing #169 – Why I Support Real Bitcoin Maximalists Like Tone Vays & Adam Meister

Investing Wisdom From Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital

Investing Wisdom from Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital My regular listeners probably heard one of my earlier segments where I spoke about Howard Marks, the 67-year old billionaire who co-founded investment management firm Oaktree Capital which now manages about $84 billion in assets and is a publicly-traded company with ticker symbol OAK. Oaktree focuses its investments on high-yield bonds, distressed debt and private equity, and has delivered a whopping 23% average annual return over the past 25 years..

So You’re Leaving Your Startup Job

Preparing to leave a job and starting a new one is already an overwhelming task. Leaving a startup job may mean even extra hurdles given the additional complexities in compensation (equity). We’re here to help you know what you’ll need and when you’ll need it.

Signs of the Economic Times

The health of the economy is often a big focus in news headlines, but why all the attention? The answer is both simple and complex. In our free enterprise system, the state of the economy can make a big difference in our daily lives.

Business Finance Market Research Results For Fast Growing Businesses

This article sets out the findings of our market research survey into the financing of fast growing businesses (20%+ turnover growth each year). The survey looked at the effectiveness of various business financing options.

Things to Consider When Working Out Your Mortgage

Buying a new home, whether you’re a first time home buyer or you are looking for a larger or smaller home to move to, can be an exciting time. Investing in your future and finding a home that suits your requirements is such a rewarding experience.

Read More On Errors And Omissions Liability

Errors & omissions liability is a plan that can be purchased as an add-on to general company plan; on the other hand, it can be purchased on its own if needed. It is a renter’s insurance policy plan that is usually purchased to create protection for a company or an individual from statements or matches, which can occur from solutions that were not properly, or fully satisfied, on the other hand it can protect mistakes and problems too. In the US, the most common forms of these guidelines are the professional and negligence insurance policy includes – this trend is…

What to Expect From Business Restructuring Services

The prospect of restructuring a company might not seem that exciting for managers, especially when they are the ones who established the company and helped it grow. However, crisis forgives no one and there are times when even the strongest enterprises start to experience cash flow problems and internal tensions. Even the most solid and reputable corporations can lose ground; in fact, it is a fact that the bigger a company is, the more severe its downfall will be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Business improvement is possible and there are numerous success stories of companies that rose from their ashes.

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