Crypto Investing #182 – Avoid People Living In Denial In Crypto Land – By Tai Zen & Eric G

An Economic Slant Resulting From a Three-Way Struggle Between America, Russia and the Vatican

With the take-down of the Berlin Wall and Communism, orchestrated by President Reagan and John Paul, it looked like the west was supreme until Pope Benedict visited the US in 2008 and the economy crashed months later. While the pope’s visit and the economy may not seem related, an undisclosed source said her son was high up in the hierarchy of priests and he visited the Vatican every 2-3 weeks. He said in 2008, Mother, before the elections, life in the US will change forever. Things will never be the same.

Job Costing and Estimating

Make sure that all costs are included when building a pricing model. Don’t forget abut the indirect expenses and know how to allocate them.

Which Bills Should You Pay First?

There are several factors that can influence how you pay bills. Learn which debts you should take care of first.

A Candid Interview With the “First American” Tony Salzman – How Did This Tiger Earn His Stripes?

As I sat across from Anthony Salzman, better known in the media as “The First American”, I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world could rattle such a charismatic, over-achieving, innovating man. Well, let me tell you not very much…

Saving Money: Fun Things to Do When You’re Low on Money

You don’t necessarily have to spend money to have a good time. This article gives 15 tips to bring out your creativity and have fun with little or no money.

Money for Nothing

The acquisition of money has become the most important object in today’s society, especially the concept of getting money for nothing. Relationships aren’t even a close second; it’s money, money, money, given to us without having to work for it.

3 Steps to Disciplined Trading

Are you a struggling trader jumping from strategy to strategy only to lose money every time? Millions of aspiring traders just like you are doing the same every day and the majority never make it as successful traders. Unless you spend your time focussing on the right aspects of trading, you’re probably never going to reach the success you dream of. What if there were a few simple steps you could follow to increase your chance of trading success?

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