Crypto Investing #186 – Can You Cheat & Take A Short Cut To Become A Good Trader? – By Tai Zen

Stand Your Ground When You Know You Should

There are many people who are looking for financial solutions to problems in life. There are unscrupulous individuals who may try to talk people into signing up for something they do not want to do or to invest money with them. It is important to stand your ground when you know you should.

The Brains Behind Making Financial Decisions

What happens in the brain when choosing between two financial products? How about when the decision is perceived as ‘risky’? Can individual decisions be a predictor of how financial markets work? These are the sorts of questions that have emerged from the developing relationship between neuroscience and finance… sometimes called “neurofinance” or “neuroeconomics”. Understanding what happens in the brain when we make financial decisions is relatively new science but it is already proving to be interesting…

Neurofinance and the Risk Mindset

Increasingly the findings from neuroscience are being applied to the world of finance. This is not surprising as neuroscience has plenty to contribute to our understanding of the decision-making process and the financial decisions we make are among the most important. Expanding our understanding of financial decision-making and how to develop a ‘risk mindset’ can help protect organisations against the type of market booms and busts that plague economies around the world.

Mobile Apps Make Remote Deposits Easy

Credit unions have a new way of handling paper checks. Members can deposit their checks via their credit union’s mobile application (remote deposit capture). We have illustrated simple steps to assure your success with mobile deposit.

What Are the Benefits of In-Company Training for Financial Institutions?

In every industry, professional training fulfills a very valuable need to keep up-to-date with all developments in the sector and compete in the international marketplace. This is certainly true of financial institutions such as investment banks, asset and fund managers and as a result of this there are numerous training programs available for institutions like this today.


The crash of the stock market had an impact on U.S. accounting standards. The federal government had established the SEC in order to create better financial standards. The SEC brought upon multiple organizations such as the AICPA, FASB and others that have all contributed to the U.S. GAAP. FASB is known for organizing GAAP and its two thousand some documents into a location known as FASB’s GAAP codification. Outside of the U.S. most countries follow IFRS for their financial reporting. IASB and the SEC have recognized that establishing one set of accounting rules would best suit the global market. They have not yet been able to make this happen but both have started to adopt some rules from each other’s accounting standards.

Branch Transformation

“Branch of the future” and “branch transformation” are still hot topics in the retail banking industry. What exactly does “branch transformation” and “branch of the future” mean?

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