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Why Are Millennials Abandoning Big Banks and Turning to Credit Unions?

Members of the Gen Y population are turning their backs on the big traditional banks and are turning to credit unions for their financial advise. In order for credit unions to compete for this sought after audience they must understand their needs. This article reviews some of the reasons why millennials are scraping their banks and joining credit unions.

What Good Is the Economy in the Light of the Environmental Destruction It Causes?

While politicians stand up for the economy and promise more jobs, better services, and so forth the bottom line is they are the ones sanctioning the destruction of the environment. The timber industry in Australia employs hundreds of loggers, machinists, carpenters, drivers, and others, including all the office workers and so on. It also targets forests where animals are dependent on the habitat and food they provide and the earth depends on the oxygen and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

State Capitalism

The word State Capitalism is regularly used in two distinct methods: an economic system wherein the state functions as a capitalist owner; organizations controlled by the state. It is referred to as a monetary system wherein business functions (profit oriented) are initiated by the state.

Online Payment Systems for Landlords – What Are the Advantages?

As a landlord, you most certainly are preoccupied to have your property rented at all times, in the best conditions, and receive your due rent for it. When you are a lessor, it is also essential to make sure that your tenants stick around. You can face major losses when your property remains vacant for a long period of time.

Why Is Money More Important Than One’s Spirituality?

The world’s economy is tethering on the brink of failure as nations struggle with declining values and loss of income. The rise of Donald Trump in the upcoming Federal elections in the USA is repeated elsewhere as people seek better from the promises of those who make little sense but raise their hopes. Jobs and the future are on the minds of most as they head to the polls and make choices.

Why Is Money the Most Important Topic for Most People?

Recently I tried putting ‘money’ in my article topics to see how they would fare above the others that include health, child abuse, spirituality, and last days’ prophecies, among other things. Of the top twenty performers 12 deal with money or the financial system. This speaks volumes of the way many think when it comes to what’s important in the minds of many, and who can blame them?

Money and Power

If anyone wants to know why money was invented they need to look at the power that it generates. Politically it is the mainstay of governments while religiously it has grown gods and made their organisations indispensable. So where does it fit into the scheme of human behaviour and why is it at the root of the World Order?

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