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Common Surety Bonds You Ought To Know

A surety bond can be defined as contract between three parties guaranteeing that a job will be completed in accordance to the contract terms. The three are the project owner who is the obligee, contractor who is the principal and the surety who ensures the task at hand is completed as per the agreement terms. Surety bonds are more financial related and even though they are very common in the construction industry, they come in different types touching on different areas of agreement.

What Is The Difference Between Investment Management And Wealth Management?

Investment management and wealth management – it is easy to be confused by these terms, especially since they are often misrepresented. What do they really mean, what are the key differences, and which might be best for you? What is wealth management?

Bank Balance Sheet

A balance sheet of a bank shows all financial operations conducted by a bank for a certain period of time. It reveals the borrowed funds by them, their own funds, their sources, their placements in credit and other transactions.

Financial Skills – Opening a Bank Account

Kids lack many life skills today. One skill many parents reported that they want their kids to learn is opening a bank account. This article is the first article in the four-part series and will discuss the best and simplest way to get started with opening a bank account.

Financial Skills – How to Budget & Balance Accounts

Many kids lack life skills. This article is the second article in the four-part series and will look at how to teach kids to budget and balance their accounts.

Financial Skills – Writing Checks & Paying Bills

It’s more important than ever before to help our kids learn life skills. Some we take for granted. This article will look at how to teach kids to write checks and pay bills.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is a set of measures carried out by Central Bank to stabilize the economy (strengthening the national currency, accelerating economic growth, lowering prices, and so on). It is part of the macroeconomic policy, carried out by using various methods and tools, depending on objectives. Objectives of Monetary Policy: Objective of monetary policies varies from country to country.

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