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Collection Solutions During the Recession

The number of American with bad debt rose significantly after 2008 when the recession hit. But collection solutions companies were also hit with their own problems and had to make cuts in staff and take much lower commissions. But they remained committed to collecting debt for companies struggling with cash flow.

All Banks Are Not the Same

Everyone likes to keep their money safe. People also like to know that they are getting the best services. There are pros and cons to dealing with banks and credit unions. People need to decide which institution will best serve their needs.

Can a Mortgage Balance Exceed a Property’s Value?

The fact that a mortgage balance can exceed a property’s value remains confusing to many of us. You know that the lender did evaluate the property when you initially obtained a mortgage and find it hard to believe that a lender would finance your home for more than what it is worth.

Is There Less Competition Among Canadian Banks Fixed Rate Mortgages?

Canada finds itself in a newly competitive arena, not on a hockey rink, but in the mortgage lending-sphere. For the last few months, mortgage rates have been a hot topic especially for Jim Flaherty, the Finance Minister of Canada; banks were bringing their rates low, lower than they’ve been in a significant number of years. Lenders went as far as to take them under the three percent line, which caused Flaherty to have some words about the potential “race to the bottom.”

Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes When Hiring a New Employee

It can be very difficult to find good employees when you really need them. Many employers who are in a rush to find someone to fill a position often make mistakes that end up being costly later on. There are ways to avoid these common mistakes if you take the time to remind yourself of them.

6 Reasons to Get to Know Your Potential Tenants With a Background Check

It used to be that renting to anyone new was a gamble. You took risks when you rented to someone you didn’t know, and only time would tell about whether your gamble was worth it. There is no reason to take such a huge risk when renting to new tenants today. You can take advantage of background checks to see how big your risk is before renting to anyone you don’t know.

Landscape of the Last 20 Years’ Infrastructural Financing in India

In this article two major points are discussed (1) Trend and initiative of the Budgetary Support and Institutional Borrowings and (2) Trend and initiative of the Borrowings by Government and Public Undertakings from Capital Market. To consider last 20 years, the progress is steady and satisfactory enough.

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