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How Your Missed Mortgage Payment Because of Divorce Affects Your Credit Score

When a married couple divorces, their individual credit score can be affected if one of them misses a mortgage payment for a property that is in both spouses’ name. This article explains some unexpected consequences of this situation and provides steps in making sure this does not affect you in the future.

Compound Interest, The 8th Wonder Of The World!

Wikipedia describes compound interest as: Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal of a deposit or loan, so that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding.

Beware the Obama Stock Bubble

Presidential history can be pretty interesting… with odd coincidences and ominously repeated date, economic and other patterns. For example, Ronald Reagan’s presidency is notable for breaking Tecumseh’s Curse. The curse apparently started in 1840 when President William Henry Harrison came to office. He defeated a great Native American chief in battle… and, himself, subsequently died in office. Thereafter, all presidents who were elected (not sworn in) in a year ending in zero… died in office… until the curse was broken when Reagan survived assassination attempts and ended his two terms alive and kicking. George W. Bush became president in 2000 but is alive and well today… so Tecumseh’s Curse is broken, thank heavens!

The Benefits of Working With an Insurance Broker

When you are looking for a new insurance policy you want expert, unbiased advice from someone who really knows the industry and can help you find the best possible solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for insurance for your car, home, or business you will achieve better results by consulting an insurance broker.

Divide Your IRA Into Separate Accounts – One For Each Beneficiary

If you’re considering assigning multiple beneficiaries to your IRA account, watch out how the IRA beneficiary distribution rules operate. Here’s an approach to make sure your beneficiaries get what you want to give them after you pass away.

European Central Bank

Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Europe? In 2012 European Central Bank president Mario Draghi promised “to do whatever it takes” to maintain the Euro.

How Forex Rebates Can Increase Your Overall Profits

Generally, the aim of traders will be to earn profits. Even though, this purely depends on the talent of the individuals involved in these activities, there are some tricks or methods that can bring about an increase in the profits without requiring any skill from the dealer. For instance, forex rebates are the easiest alternatives to increase the overall profits under the Forex market. In a trading business, it is true that small savings can make big differences in the long run.

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