Hatha Yoga Details and Tips

Choosing Banks That Bring Profit to the Customer

Banks are an important part of the world in which you live. Having one that you trust can be very beneficial. It is important to do a little research into them before choosing one.

Credit Unions Offer Several Perks and Benefits

There are some who would never think about patronizing credit unions. Little do they know; they are really missing out on some great benefits and advantages.

Remittance Facilities for Sending Money to India for US Based NRIs

To curtail the transit time taken in collection of cheques drawn on US banks, which are sent to India and then send back to US for collection, Indian Banks have introduced a new concept called Lockbox service for NRIs based in USA. The Cheque deposited by beneficiary will be presented in the local clearing in USA by correspondent bank of your bank. For e.g. Bank of America on behalf of SBI, India.

How to Calculate Retirement Needs

During a radio interview last week I was asked the simple but basic question of how to calculate the amount of money needed to support a prosperous retirement. This is an often asked, but more frequently misunderstood issue that needs to be clarified. How much do you really need? And once determined how do you get there and actually realize that amount of money?

Preventing Late Payments – Don’t Rely on the Law!

In our March article on late payments, we looked at how the law has recently changed to help protect smaller businesses against the risks of late or non payment. However, questions still remain around how much protection is actually being offered to suppliers.

There Are Only 2 Things That You Can Invest

Most people focus on money as the main thing you can invest. There is another less talked about thing you can also invest with different costs.

Tips to Help Improve Your Small Business Loan Application

When applying for small business financing there are a number of factors that go into determining if you will be approved for financing. This article outlines the most important factors considered by banks.

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