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Crowdfunding Basics – Everything You Need to Know to Crowdfunding Your Next Project

Ever since the dawn of commerce, smart and savvy entrepreneurs have in finding ways to leverage other people’s money (OPM) in a way to build the kind of business and solutions of their dreams. However, we’ve never seen a crowdfunding environment and community quite like the one that has been cropping up all over the Internet in just the last few years. More and more regular folks are getting the itch to become creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs than ever before – understanding that with the right crowdfunding approach that they should be able to raise the funds necessary to bring their dreams to life, all without having to take on a tremendous amount of risk in the first place.

Only The Federal Government Knows “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”

Ben Bernanke is the keeper of the coin that the Federal Reserve uses to flip when deciding policy. Since the crash, investors have been torn. On one hand, they know that the massive stimulus programs will do more harm than good for the economy in the long term.

Bookkeeping Tips For Beginners

You might have pondered over the thought of starting a bookkeeping business, but decided against it due to lack of knowledge and free bookkeeping tips. It might be a daunting task; however if you have your mind on starting your own bookkeeping business, here are a few points to remember and free bookkeeping tips that you can follow.

Can You Stay in the Game of Investing?

Stock prices usually go down before you hear the news about how bad the economy is. So stocks are discounting (or factoring in) a potential weaker economy down the road. Bernanke is doing this because he thinks that the US economy is back on solid footing. If he artificially keeps rates low, it could create major inflation.

Will There Ever Be An Affordable Canadian Housing Market?

Certain pockets of the country boast some of the highest housing prices in the world. For years, Toronto and Vancouver have been the most expensive Canadian cities to live in. For example, the average price of a home in Toronto hit a record-high in May 2013 at $542,174.

The Basics of Retirement Accounts

There are various tax deferred retirement accounts that you can open that will not incur tax until retirement or ever. In this article, I will review the basics of these accounts and how they work.

When Is the Right Time to Require Our Banks to Have More Capital Cushion?

While our Federal Reserve was busy printing money, we also maintained the highest percentage of trade deficit in our nation’s history. As we printed money and put it into the economy, within three transactions, those dollars ended up overseas. It was thus inflating other nations, generally those with lower cost products which imported to the United States. Because of all this money flow those economies emerging markets had incredible growth rates along with the inflation which occurs during those periods of GDP growth.

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