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Are You Working With The Right Online Car Leads Provider?

This article talks about how dealers can choose the right online car leads provider. Conversion rates, close ratio, and quality are some of the things to consider.

HELOCs Are Coming Back – Dual-Rate HELOC Product Promotion

A Home Equity Line Of Credit or HELOC is the best way to get cash for your needs, no matter if you are trying to consolidate your debts like medical or major expenses such as credit cards, or wanting to do work on your home. In past years, this kind of lending has declined, but recently lenders are seeing an increase in applications for HELOCs from lenders.

What Is Best, Financing a Car Loan Through a Dealership or The Bank?

There are a couple of options when purchasing a vehicle. One option is to buy a car with cash, however due to the current economy, most buyers cannot do this. Financing your vehicle is another option to pursue, either through a financial institution you use for personal banking, or through the car dealer. Before you choose who to get the loan from, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of each kind of financing.

Money Market Accounts, Money Market Mutual Funds, PODs And TODs

Understanding the difference between bank money accounts and mutual funds and what you use them for. You can make them Payable on Death(POD) or Transfer on Death (TOD) too.

When Are Life Insurance Proceeds Taxed To Beneficiaries?

Life insurance proceeds – aka death benefit – at the death of the insured are generally tax free. But there are circumstances that will trigger some tax on what a beneficiary receives. Here are some…

Key Factors To Consider When Looking To Invest In Apartments

When it comes to owning a building, mortgage payments are not the only financial obligations that you will be met with. Owning a property will bring other financial responsibilities like maintenance, repair and upgrade costs, and payment of taxes. Also, depending on where you are located, you may also find yourself having to pay for trash pickup and water services.

Implications Of Whom You Designate For Your IRA Beneficiary

Your IRA may well turn out to be your legacy to someone. Generally, qualified plans and IRAs go to their designated beneficiaries immediately at your death so they avoid probate. But you should keep your beneficiaries updated and understand how they’ll receive your legacy.

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