Life Changing Finance #57 – Can You Make Quick Decisions? – By Tai Zen

What Is Behavioural Economics and How Might It Affect You?

There is a ‘new term’ in town: ‘Behavioural economics’. Actually it’s really just a fancy term for concepts that have been in play for the best part of 30 years, but recent developments in neuroscience have added to the field. What is being discovered may affect everyone who has ever purchased a financial product (i.e. everyone reading this) and all organisations that have ever sold them…

Repairing Credit After Foreclosure: Part Two

Last time, we discussed the immediate steps you should take when recovering from a foreclosure experience, including the creation of a budget and keeping up with bills and debt maintenance. Once you’ve accomplished that and your monthly financial life is stable, the next level is to make a plan to get out of debt entirely.

Finding Cheap Preppers Items and Survival Gear at the Flea Market

One of the things I enjoy most about summer is shopping the various swap meets, flea markets and yard sales. In my area when the weather starts to warm the flea markets begin to buzz with activity. Some sellers simply set up shop at various pull off areas along the roadside, using their car hood as a makeshift table to display their wares. This past Saturday was absolutely beautiful, one of those perfect days that tend to make a person forget about the state of the world and our own dreaded affairs.

Tips To Drafting A Project Finance Proposal

There are a large number of companies that approach project finance direct lenders on a daily basis to get the cash they need to complete their latest project. These companies range from telecommunication companies to power plants, mines, transportation companies and so much more. This type of financial solution is worked according to a single project revenue, which is used to determine how secure the project is and how easily you can repay the agreed amount.

Why You Should Consider Sale Leaseback Financing

Sale leaseback financing has been used by businesses around the world for a number of years. This type of financial solution provides businesses with a host of advantages, while enabling them to have the equipment they need to conduct business and operate on a daily basis.

The Advantages Of Heavy Equipment Leasing

Heavy equipment leasing is very common in the construction sector, where contractors have to purchase exceptionally expensive machinery to complete various projects. This is cash that they are paying out for a piece of machinery that will depreciate in value as it’s used. While the contractor cannot operate without this expensive machinery, they also don’t want to pay out a large sum of their working capital to complete the job. The solution is heavy equipment leasing, which eliminates the risk involved in a large capital investment.

What To Look For When Choosing An Equipment Leasing Company

There are a number of advantages to considering equipment leasing over purchasing expensive items outright. You can improve your cash flow and keep important equipment up to date, signing a new lease and taking on the latest items once your lease expires.

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