Life Changing Finance #58 – Are You Making Financial Decisions On Logic or Emotions? – By Tai Zen

Aristocard Membership to Challenge American Express Centurion (Black Card)

A new kid on the block has emerged to give the American Express Centurion, otherwise known as a ‘Black card’, a serious run for its money. Aristocard describe their exclusive social club as ‘the key to the most desirable venues and brands in your city’.

Keep Up With Leads in QuickBooks

If you are like most businesses, you have prospects contacting you who want to possibly do business with you and you hopefully have customers who want to do more business with you. How do you keep up with it all?

When America Takes Economic Medicine The World Gets An Overdose

One of the oldest economic sayings is: ‘When America catches a cold, the world gets pneumonia.’ Like all sayings it has a flip side: ‘When America takes economic medicine, the world gets an overdose.’ The medicine that America has been taking is cheap money and that has been flooding into the world. What ails the US is not being addressed, but the effects of the disease are being alleviated by the production of huge amounts of cash.

How to Get Your Business Funded for Growth

Truthfully, all businesses, small or large, worry about funding and cashflow. One should think of business and banking support as going hand in hand because there are financial solutions that many do not know about that can help fund your businesses growth.

College Savings: 529 Plan Versus Life Insurance

If you are looking for the best ways to save for your kids’ college, you are ahead of most. Procrastination hits hard on the pocketbook (you might already know that if you’re reading this and your child is a senior in high school).

What to Do When You Don’t Want What You Buy

How many times have you purchased something and then when you got home you regretted it? I don’t know about you, but there are items that I own, but I never removed the tags. Generally when I bought those items, I had doubts, but I either purchased them because they were either:

Questions To Ask A Retirement Planning Advisor

Have you ever thought about your future? You always need to plan your future because as a famous writer once said it is the future where you will spend your remaining life. When you are young, you never seem to be bothered much about saving. However, as you age, the concern grows.

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