Life Changing Finance #63 – You Become Good At The Skills You Study & Practice – By Tai Zen

Different Priorities

Our priorities have changed over the last couple of generations. Nowadays, people are spending more on things that make them feel good than worrying about paying for the things they buy. There are more people today who have credit card debt than ever before.

A Guide to Bank Stress Testing

Is your bank under stress? What does that mean and how is it measured? Here is a guide to this important topic and what it means to the consumer.

Money Transfer and Its Ill-Effects

Money transfer broadly refers to a cashless method of payment and can be used to denote specific payment systems such as – • Electronic money or funds transfer, a broad term to denote bank based cash payments • Giro, a direct deposit • Money order, which is sending money through postal cheques • Wire transfer, an international mode of bank to bank money transfer Transferring money can be done in many ways these days. Since the Internet money transfer to another individual’s account can be done online as easily as it can be done…

Learn More About International Money Transfers

There are so many tasks that have been made simpler and more effective with the advent of technology and the World Wide Web, shrinking the world and making it a more connected one. Remote connectivity is a term now more often used within closed spaces rather than referring to a place far, far away. One of them involving people and finances is International Money Transfer.

Gas Pump Security-Skimming

If you drive a vehicle your credit or debit card is at risk. What can you do and what are the gas pump operators and manufacturers doing to prevent and stop skimming? Skimming is where the bad guys will put a device on the gas pump that will intercept your card number.

Top 3 Reasons Why Portfolio Management Is Essential To Business

With the uncertainty of the future and an economy that can change abruptly, it’s hardly surprising for businessmen everywhere to look for ways to protect and secure their investment and at the same time, assure investors that their money is in good hands. In financial hubs like Hong Kong and other major cities around the world, large corporations are fast realizing the importance of portfolio management as such service offers not just financial knowledge but also the assurance of repeated success. Wondering what’s in…

15 Effective Ways to Save Money by Reducing Your Gas Costs

Taking care of small things in your everyday life can make big differences for you in the present as well as your future days. Due to the recession and recent turmoil, oil and gas prices have hiked to over double the usual ones. You would of course have noticed the unusual price ramble in gas costs unless you don’t own a car, you haven’t noticed the boost in public transport fares, you own a gas station yourself or you earn as much as Bill Gates does.

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