Life Changing Finance #66 – Scarce Events Vs A Scarcity Mindset About Money – By Tai Zen

Did the Greeks Just Create a T-Rex for Themselves?

We sat and saw with bated breath the ‘Drama of the Drachma’ as Greece Prime minister Alexis Tsipras, looked for an ‘honest compromise’ for the mammoth debt restructuring for his country, while the country itself remained divided on whether they wanted to stay in the Eurozone or go with their own Drachma. The drama was akin to that of draconian landlords in India who not too long ago and perhaps still in some areas, held the noose on the farmers, tightening it every year and never letting them off as they argued for the repayment of their loans and the…

Online Finance Services – Power To The People

In this day and age, every second, new ways of empowering the common-folk are being discovered. The most sought-after mechanisms are being seen in the financial sector, especially in internet finance.

How to Choose Between Banks

Choose your financial institution wisely. When selecting between banks, pick one with convenient mobile banking and low service fees.

The World’s 3 Most Impenetrable Banks

Banks and financial institutions around the world make security their top priority. These three facilities, however, take their security to almost ridiculous extremes.

The Pros and Cons of an Online Wallet

Life has become busy for a lot of us especially if you are the type who works long hours a day or if you work on different shifts. There are certain things unavailable at night and may even prove more dangerous (even if day time proves to be equally the same these days). Many businesses have opted to create a way for people to be able to make purchases more conveniently by providing different online businesses that deliver the same items and services.

Numbers Aren’t Everything

As tax season fast approaches people begin to look to accountants for assistance in preparing their yearly mathematical nightmare. Matt Stevens is a local accountant at U.S. Bank and has completed his fair share of tax returns. Stevens strives for excellence in every way possible, while behind the desk analyzing numbers strategically making his next move. “The numbers consume my computer screen day in and day out, but this is what I love this is my soul. My strength is math and if it wasn’t for math I would be out of the job not to mention the money is excellent.” Stevens said.

Certifications, Are All Created Equal?

You’re not alone if you have trouble telling the difference between a CFA, CFP, CIF, ChFU, and any of the other financial certifications. How do you filter through this alphabet soup to find the best planner for you? Here is our list of the eight most popular designations and a brief explanation of what each does:

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