Life Changing Finance #69 – Always Question When Someone Says Something Is Better – By Tai Zen

3 Things You Must Overcome in Order to Make More Money

The number one thing to know is this: More and more Americans are rightfully concerned about wage and income disparity but few see that government has any real solution to this concern. This is a step in the right direction because although many members of low-income households work heroically and waveringly at very low wages the “Census Bureau data shows that for every hour worked by those in a low-income household, those in a wealthy household toil 5 hours.”(I) Furthermore, “6 out of 10 households have no one working at all.”(ii)

Holding on to Our Money

Why is it so hard to manage money and hold on to it? How can we save more and spend less? It has become an issue to make and save money. The world is geared in such a way that it’s difficult to hold on to our money…

From Checks to Cash: The Basics of Check Cashing Services

Here are the basics of check cashing services. Topics discussed include how check cashing works, it’s advantages or disadvantages, and how you can put up a check cashing business.

Modern Financial Advising For Beginners

New investors are the most uninformed, curious segment of the market for financial advisors. Knowing how to begin the journey to financial success can be easier if you are given the first steps.

Why You Must Understand Financial Literacy

Your child must know how to maintain a budget so he or she won’t overspend. This may lead to debt trouble. Through proper financial education, you can protect them for years to come.

Changing the Face of the Bank Branch With Self-Service Banking Solutions

The evolution of consumer banking is rapidly changing. With new technological advances such as Personal Teller Machines to staff changes, the face of the traditional bank branch is changing.

Recent Trends in Asset Management

Asset management has been steadily changing for the past 20 years. The development of new technologies, a dramatic drop in interest rates, and the globalization of market information and access have lead to a new financial landscape that is continually evolving.

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