Life Changing Finance #75 – Not Everyone Wants To Be Rich!!! – By Tai Zen

Defining Inflation

Inflation is a steady rise in prices, owing to which, incomes and savings of the population will depreciate. Even the weakest inflation is dangerous for the development of the modern monetary economy. Therefore, all countries (including the most developed ones), take anti-inflationary measures to reduce inflation rates.

9 Reasons You Should Always Carry $200 in Cash

We always need money to purchase what we need and desire. As consumers, we pay using old fashioned cash, or the more sophisticated credit or debit cards. Cards became popular sixty years ago and today they are used more frequently than cash.

History and Purpose of the G20 Summit

Post World War II leaders have held various summits and ongoing institutions to resolve issues facing the future of world peace and stability. Much of it has to do with trade and finance and in recent years the G20 was established in 2008, mainly due to the key role played by the United States and Germany in bringing it about. Economic policy is, therefore, high on the agenda and bodies dealing in it are the main players.

101 Bail Bonds – Stop Means Stop

A STOP sign has a very clear and simple message. When you ignore it or just slow down and roll through it, don’t be surprised if you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

Stash Your Cash – A Safe Haven for Your Savings

There is a difference between saving and investing; you just need to be clear on which one you’re wanting to do. When it comes to saving safety is the name of the game. The last thing you want when trying to build a savings is to lose it all and have to return to square one.

What Are Merchant Banks?

Merchant banks are the financial institutions that offer financial services, solutions, & consultation to organisations. According to a notification of the Ministry of Finance in India, a Merchant Banker in India is defined as ‘any person engaged in the business of issue management either by making arrangements regarding selling, buying, or subscribing to the securities as manager, consultant, an adviser in relation to such an issue management’. Thus, a merchant banker provides its client’s consultancy for financial, marketing, managerial and legal matters.

How ERP Brings Increased Productivity for the Financial Sector

This article provides readers with an overview of how ERP Integration can greatly help financial service companies in streamlining their business operations. The finance industry deals with stocks, equity, funds and hefty amount of investments. The aim of a financial service provider is to boost the profit figures of clients and build a mutually valuable relationship.

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