Mistakes That Can Lead to Bankruptcy

How To Use Fixed Income Products In Both Strong And Weak Economies

Bonds are popular investment vehicles, yet few people know how to use them effectively. Here’s a quick explanation of how to take advantage of fixed income products in both strong and weak economies.

Financial Advisor Strategies: Understanding Low Risk Investment Options

When you’re considering your investment options you must consider the risk you are prepared to take and it is highly advised that you consult with a financial advisor. Cash and Bonds are the lowest risk assets classes.

Big Data Helps Banks Provide Unique Customer Experiences, Not Just Segmentation

Just finished reading a great article on big data and segmentation from BS&T. While segmentation is great, I’d like to suggest that every customer should be treated as an individual and thus their banking experience should be personalized for that moment in time. By personalizing every interaction, banks can reduce cost of service, differentiate their brand and impact customer experience in a positive way.

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Choosing the right financial advisor can make the difference between a secure financial future and a bleak one. Ask yourself these questions before selecting a professional to manage your money.

My Old Notes on Trading

Trading notes from the old days. May not be applicable to the “new” market. But they were helpful back then.

My Old Notes on Trading II

After making a nice push in the morning do not be afraid to stop trading- and if you do decide to trade- pick your spots better and have a real plan instead of doing random trades. If you are going to trade a volatile stock like PD, do not protect your PL when you trade or else the risk your taking on is greater than your reward.

PCI Compliance: What Your Business Needs To Know

Merchants are on the front lines of protecting debit & credit card information from hackers to bad employees wishing to steal their customers financial information. Knowing what standards exist is important if a merchant wants to be able to limit any type of data breaches by unsavory individuals.

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