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House And Land Packages Offer First Time Buyers Plenty Of Perks

Young people hoping to buy their first home should consider the many advantages of buying a home and land package that simplifies the process and minimizes the cost of having the right house in the right area. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Mortgage Rates Are Rising – What’s Happening?

Mortgage interest rates have been heading up for most of 2013, and many mortgage rate watchers recently were surprised by an unusually sharp spike at midyear. But why? For home buyers and homeowners considering refinancing, the upward rate trend is troubling, to say the least.

Understanding Duration and Interest Rate Risks

Interest rate risk is one of the risks that fixed income investors need to be aware of. When interest rates increase, bond prices fall, as the coupon on the bonds will be less attractive to investors and they sell those bonds to buy new bonds with higher coupons. Exactly the opposite holds good in an environment of falling interest rates.

Ways Of Eliminating Debt In Your Life

They say money makes the world go round. If you look at it in a certain perspective, it does. Since this is true, what would happen if you don’t have it? For some, one of the ways of keeping up with your everyday needs even if you don’t have money is to ask someone or an institution to lend you some.

Should First Home Buyers Build A New Home Or Purchase Existing?

There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing new and existing homes. Find out what they are to help you decide whether or not new construction is right for you or if you should purchase an existing home.

An Insight to Short-Term Forex Strategies

There are many techniques and strategies for investing money in Forex. The strategies differ mainly in the degree of risk that an investor is willing to accept, the assumed percentage of return and the withheld funds. When choosing a strategy, the investor’s temperament is extremely important – whether he likes to take big risks and if he can keep his temper under control. Let’s examine what are the options and what will suit you best!

The Most Commonly Used Economic Indicators By Forex Traders

Many economic publications appear with regards to Forex trading on a daily basis, some of which are particularly monitored and reviewed by forex traders. According to their degree of relevance, they will influence more or less the evolution of the exchange rate.A great number of these economic indicators of major industrialized countries may also have a significant influence on the forex market so all traders should be very well aware of them.

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