Risk Takers #7: Roger Ver – aka “Bitcoin Jesus” & Founder Of Bitcoin.com – By Tai Zen

Digital Currency: What It Is, and What It Is Not

Some of us stick with traditional currency because we got used to it. We tend to decline new services because we are comfortable enough with traditional processes. Then here comes digital currency. This opens new services and opportunities to its users. But, some people neglect this type of service because they lack knowledge about this new offering.

Send Money Online

Sending money through traditional processes requires a lot of time and paper work. Another way of transferring money without this hassle can now be done with online payment processes.

FASB Updates Recognition of Breakage for Prepaid Stored-Value Cards

One of the five issues considered at the March 19, 2015 meeting of the Emerging Issues Task Force, (“The Task Force”) was the issue of whether liabilities arising from the sale of prepaid stored value cards under three party arrangements should be categorized as financial or non-financial liabilities. Consumers may purchase prepaid stored value cards (gift cards) under a two party arrangement, directly from vendors who stand ready to provide goods and services to the consumer upon redemption of the card. Alternatively, consumers may purchase gift cards under a three party arrangement from an intermediary such as a…

What Is a Personal Pension Plan?

Regardless of an individual’s age, appropriate retirement planning or contributions to pension plan is quintessential to ensure a secure living after retirement. As a nation, Ireland people live for a longer period and hence the need for a realistic retirement plan cannot be understated.

The World’s Most Impenetrable Banks

Ever wondered how safe your money really is? If it’s held in one of these vaults, you should feel pretty secure. Here are some of the world’s most impenetrable banks.

Why Your Community Bank Is Better Than a National Bank

Keeping your money with your local financial institution is not just better for the community, but it is also better for you. Community banks offer perks, deals, and a level of service you can’t find elsewhere.

Finance At Your Fingertips

Digital currency platforms bring finance from anywhere in the world, to your door steps, to the tips of your fingers at a single click. Our world started trading way back in time and it involved travelling for years on boats with a lot of commodities destroyed and lost along the way. This has become the only way to be able to earn money from people across waters. With technological advances, the world of trading and financial acquisition has improved and easier ways for transactions have been created and established. The rise of technology has, however, gone way far ahead than that of finances that is why the innovations in the financial market had only started recently with the greater demand for convenience.

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