#Short PhD updates after Receiving the Pfizer Vaccine

New Mortgage Lenders for Top End Property Market

In the wake of the surge of international buyers in the high value London property market there is also a new style of mortgage lender coming on the scene. Private banks are increasingly competing for the business of high net worth individuals.

Large Mortgages Do Not Always Require A Large Income

Despite the current economic downturn it is possible to take out a very large mortgage if your wider financial circumstances allow then. Obtaining a 1GBP million plus mortgage is possible, even if your income on paperwould suggest otherwise.

Prepare Children for a Bright Future by Teaching About Money

Being a parent requires you to teach your kids to be responsible. One thing that is often overlooked is teaching kids about money. Many parents make their finances into a secret thing rather than involving the whole family in the conversation.

Traveling Abroad – Here Are Some Tips To Make Your Money Go Farther

One of the nice things about retirement is that you have the time to travel to those places you’ve dreamt of. And, hopefully, you’ve the money to get you there and back. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help make those travel dollars go farther.

Annually Revise Your Savings Withdrawal Rate To Maintain Your Asset Value

Perhaps you rely on your savings to supplement your Social Security and Pension incomes. If so, make sure you revise how much you withdraw each year to make your savings last.

Reposition Your Income And Growth Investments To Minimize Taxation

The before-tax contributions allowed for government-regulated retirement plans (such as 401(k)s and IRAs) entice many people to invest and grow a large fraction of their retirement savings within those plans. But money you eventually withdraw from them is taxed at ordinary income rates – a potentially high rate. And their required minimum distributions (RMDs) begin after you turn 701/2. How can you minimize taxation of your savings in retirement?

Renewing Your Mortgage? It Pays To Shop Around

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, you should shop around for the best deal, reports Rob McLister from Canadian Mortgage Trends. Most borrowers don’t.

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