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The Revolutionary ATMs – Tablet Cash Machines

Tablet Cash machines are the latest ATM features that is increasing in its popularity. This new feature is introduced to give a personal experience with advanced features to make it convenient for users to conduct transactions at the ATM. Read this article to know more about the growing trend of “Tablet Cash Machines”

Cyber Crime: A Threat to Financial Institutions

Cyber crime is a growing threat and a concern in the present scenario. Many financial institutions have to face this crisis in day to day business. Prompt security and precautions are required to be taken to gain protection from these threat. Read this article to more about cyber crime and how it can effect financial institutions if regular precautions are not adopted.

Contract Restrictions On Annuities Affect Them As An Investments Choice

Annuities are insurance products. They’re a contract between an insurer and an annuitant. But contracts inevitably imply restrictions on both parties. So, beware of restrictions that make annuities different from other investments.

Useful Information About Grants and Federal Grants in the United States

Grants are nothing but financial assistance provided by governments and other institutes to those people or organizations who are eligible to receive them. Apart from financial or monetary assistance, grants can also include access to services, resources, goods etc. that can help people in achieving certain goals, which are beneficial to the society in general.

How Your Business Affects Your Personal Credit Score

Most business owners make the mistake of personally guaranteeing their company’s debts. Because of this, their personal credit score is adversely affected when the business fails and shuts down. This article details the best practices in order to avoid making this mistake.

What Does It Mean to Be House Poor?

If someone is house poor, they have a house they cannot afford. People who are house poor did not calculate all the costs of buying their home. They are now living in a home they are struggling to repay and upkeep. They might not even be able to save for the future. A financial situation this precarious can easily lead to financial disaster.

An Approach To Interest-Only Investing For Your Living Expenses

During retirement some people want to restrict their income only to interest income from their income-based investments. They like the security of principal that such investments have. So how might they arrange their portfolio to make this feasible over a long retirement horizon?

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