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Spend Money and Enjoy Life If You Are Able

Although saving is an important part of life, it is also wise to spend money when it can make life more enjoyable. Life goes by quickly, and it may be too late if life is not taken advantage of each day.

Are Government Inflation Bonds Called I-Bonds For You?

I-Bonds are government savings bonds sold to you by the U.S. Treasury. They’re not the old savings bonds bought for you when you were kids. But they’re a way to invest money for the conservative part of your portfolio. Let’s check out what they have to offer you…

What You Should Know About Charged Off Debts

If you live in the U.S. and haven’t paid off your debt for more than 180 days, the company you owe has probably charged off or taken the debt off their balance sheet. However, a charge off doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the necessary amount. In truth, a debt is labeled as “charged off” because an accounting rule states that if a debt has not been paid in the specified 180 days, it is unlikely to be paid in the future as well.

The Significance Of Having A Registered Investment Advisor

Stories of rich people going bankrupt in an instant are nothing new. These people may have spent a life time acquiring assets they have suddenly lost and this could be because of one big mistake – not hiring a registered investment advisor. You might say that this statement is overestimated but it definitely relates an unfortunate truth.

How To Make Sure You Have Good Credit Standing

To make way for a good credit standing, one needs to know a few things. There are so many important aspects in building your credit. However, you should first realize that they will start with very small factors. Right from your college degree to your new career, credit is important so you can borrow money.

Characteristics To Look For In A Small Business Accountant

A small business accountant plays a vital role in the operations of all types of small industries out there. Finding a competent one is quite challenging these days as many people are claiming to be such even though they are short on skills and work experience.

The Dangers of Borrowing Money From Family Members

Difficult financial times often force people to borrow money. Before borrowing money from your parents, think of the potential consequences.

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