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How to Become a Financial Planner

Yesterday I went to an optometry store and had an eye test done, so I had a chance to talk to one of customer representative while waiting. One interesting topic we were talking about is “how to become a financial planner”. As there has been quite some people asked me this question before, I think it makes sense for me to spend some time to write about it as it was a goal I planned to achieve a few years ago.

First Rule of Investing – When Everyone Else Panics – You Don’t!

The world woke up Monday morning to a sound of crashing gold; down from $1700 to less than $1400 because once again, that little country of Cyprus is causing problems. Due to their enormous financial problems, the government of Cyprus decided to sell its strategic gold reserves and that sent the markets reeling. Would Spain & Greece follow suit? The impact of this on investors world-wide is being felt and the question on everyone’s mind is “what do I do?”

Three Technologies That Will Change Your Life!

I’m old enough to remember the time before personal computers, cell phones and the internet. A time when sending letters overnight by Federal Express was considered a radical idea. The dawn of the 21st century has seen an explosion in technological innovation with home computers, the internet and smart phones coming of age; and there are three new technologies being developed that will be more important than even these and truly change the way the world works. In fact, they will change things so radically that we could change the very nature of our global economy. A post-monetary world; perhaps!

Did Paul Krugman Win The Fiscal Debate?

The economics community was set ablaze last week with talk about whether Paul Krugman the out-spoken economist famous for his progressive economic views had won the debate with the other side of economists led by Reinhardt & Rogoff, preaching that government stimulus driven by increased debt was the path to economic growth, not austerity for governments as Reinhardt & Rogoff claimed. This debate reached fever pitch over the past four years with western governments passing wildly through a 90% debt to GDP ratio causing Reinhardt & Rogoff to claim those countries would suffer from a permanent economic malaise, whereas Krugman argued for more debt laden government stimulus. Is Paul Krugman vindicated and should the austerity crowd back down on their constant harping about government spending and the associated debt? Or is there a third dimension that truly wins the argument.

Shopping Around for Your Medical Procedures Can Save You Thousands

Pricing around for your medical procedures can save you thousands. In this article, I explain to Holly, someone who contacted me recently in desperation of needing a medical procedure for her child that her health insurance may not cover, how to get the best price by old fashioned, shopping around. What amazed her is the price discrepancy for the same procedure at different facilities in the same general area.

Investment Management: Don’t Try This At Home

These days, do-it-yourself investment management is a lot like do-it-yourself auto maintenance. Here’s how…

How To Avoid Credit/Debit Card Frauds

Credit/Debit Card fraud problems began when thieves found out ways to get confidential information such as bank account details from their victims. In fact this kind of problem became an accessory to identity theft.

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