Sun Salutations Briefly Examined

Can The Bible Help Me With My Finances?

This article deals with Biblical Economics and how the Bible addresses financial issues. It will help establish the Bible as a financial resource for people.

Advantages Of Invoice Factoring

Opting for the services of financial companies can be an ideal option since you can make better financial decisions. Other than that, business owners can also generate better benefits, making their businesses more efficient and reputable.

Inflation and the Equation of Exchange

This article introduces the reader to the Equation of Exchange, a simple formula that is of great importance for any economy. No prior knowledge is necessary. After that, the article focuses on what we can deduce from the equation with respect to inflation.

Best Business To Start: Robert Kiyosaki Recommends The Most Intelligent Option

One of the finest business minds of our times is clearly behind network marketing. Read this short article to see why I think Robert Kiyosaki is brilliant and right on target.

How Cashiers Earn Money Dishonestly

If you suspect your company is losing money but are not sure where to start looking, try the front office/reception or cashiers. The answer could be lying right there.

How to Be Financially Successful and Spiritual

Many of us wonder just how we can live through life being financially successful while simultaneously being spiritual. The process of attaining financial wealth can at times feel like a stressful process and therefore counter-intuitive to what we seek when we follow a spiritual path.

Breakthrough of Trust Based Credit

In my recent article ‘Entrepreneurial Magic,’ I discuss the topic of trust based credit… or how to make money without money. I discuss how trust based credit reduces the cost of doing business… any business. In today’s G’man dominated world, only fringe businesses can benefit from using trust based credit. These benefits should be available worldwide to all business. Indeed these benefits were available under the Classical Gold Standard; as observed by Natural Philosopher Adam Smith.

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